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2017 VDKA Awards Banquet with Capital City Speedway:

VDKA and Capital City Speedway will once again join forces for their 2017 awards banquet. Mark the calendar for JANUARY 20, 2018 at the Moose Lodge, Mechanicsville, Virginia (same as last year). (Registration Flyer)

Final 2017 Points:

The year end Point Standings have been posted to the site. Please ensure your name is spelled correctly because this is what will be used for year end awards to be presented at the Banquet on January 20, 2018. Please contact Pete Guthrie with any corrections or clarifications.

August 19 Event at Brunswick Speedway Canceled:

VDKA Canceled: We've been in frequent contact with Brunswick Speedway's Al Baird. The rain has not let up, and he advises us that it is no longer feasible to get the race in tomorrow based on the amount of rain and standing water there is at the facility. Based on the track owners knowledge and advice, we have no choice but to cancel the event. We are sorry for the late call. Please help spread the word to anyone you know that is not on Bob's or Facebook. (Note: Weather calls are posted on Facebook and Bob's 4 Cycle first.)

July 29 Postponed - VDKA will use its October 7 rain date:

It's been raining all morning and another heavy rain is on it's way for this evening and into Saturday morning. Then a significant chance of showers continues into Sunday. With unstable weather conditions, the VDKA and Albemarle teams believe the best course is to cancel this date and reschedule. We all wanted to race, but the weather just doesn't want to cooperate. See you August 19 for VDKA's next race. (Note: Weather calls are posted on Facebook and Bob's 4 Cycle first.)

Points Following Race 3 Posted:

The latest Point Standings have been posted to the site. Please contact Pete Guthrie with any corrections or clarifications.

POSTPONED - Second VDKA Race of 2017 Will Move to June 3 at Brunswick Speedway:

POSTPONED - VDKA will have to postpone the race planned for May 6 at Brunswick Speedway. Intermittent showers have continued to move through the area, and with cool temperatures and no sun, drying is not sufficient to ensure a top notch event. We'll move to the June 3 rain date for Race 2. Thanks to Al Baird for giving it his all, Mother Nature just wouldn't cooperate. Please help spread the word.

Second VDKA Race of 2017 - Brunswick Speedway May 6:

Gates open at 7. Pre-tech at 8. Practice at 9. The Guaranteed Money PRO CLASS sponsored by BDL Motorsports will be Clone EL Heavy, $500 guaranteed to the winner. VDKA allows one drop, so even if you missed race #1 you can still run for a championship. Call AL Baird for parking: 434-848-2129 (shop) or 434-594-4133 (cell)

Top Five Finishers from Race 1:

With nearly 300 entries, here are your Top 5 finishers by class from Race 1 at Albemarle Speedway.

First VDKA Race of 2017... Still On, but with a 2 Hour Delay:

Gates open at 9. Pre-tech at 10. The Albemarle Team had the track sealed up prior to the rain coming in today. Saturday's forecast looks good so we are moving ahead as planned, but with a 2 HOUR DELAY. We hope to be on the track by 11:00am for practice, but please be patient as Tate and the team get the track prepped in the morning. As always, there will be a mandatory roll in and participation will be tracked. If you plan to park on Friday, please be aware that you will likely not be able to park in your reserved spot until Saturday. You can go to the facility tonight and they will accommodate you until tomorrow. We'll provide an update later if anything changes. The Guaranteed Money PRO CLASS sponsored by AKCA will be Restricted Junior (Sprint), $500 guaranteed to the winner. If you are under 15, please make sure you have a birth certificate on file with VDKA, or bring one to the track.

VDKA Board Announces Changes to Junior 1 and Junior Stars Classes for 2017:

On February 21 the VDKA Board voted to allow racers ages seven to ten years old to compete in Junior One Champ and Sprint Kart classes. The age range for Junior Stars Champ and Sprint remains five to seven years old, but Junior Stars classes will be run as a non-points exhibition races. The primary purpose and emphasis of the Junior Stars classes is on learning the rules and sportsmanship norms of racing. Junior Stars karts and engines will be subject to pre-tech and post-race tech like any other class. Each Junior Stars racer that passes post-race tech will receive an award for race-day participation. A racer is not allowed to run a Junior Stars class if they are entered in a Junior One Champ or Sprint class.

VDKA Board Announces Rule Changes for 2017:

The VDKA Rules Package has been updated for 2017. The following are highlights for the 2017 season.

  • Clone Engines: VDKA will continue to use the National Karting Alliance (NKA) rules for Clone Engines.
  • Junior Classes: Plate and pipe sizes have been revised for junior sprint kart classes to conform to NKA guidance. Please review the plate and pipe sizes for your class.
  • Helmets: Snell 2005M helmets are no longer acceptable for 2017 for Sprint and Champ Karts. Snell 2010M and Snell 2015M are not acceptable for Champ Karts (must be Snell 2010 or 2015 SA or SAH).
  • Limited Modified: VDKA will run a Limited Modified class in 2017. Flathead Raptor Engine at 375 pounds or Animal Engine at 410 pounds. Ages 15 and Up.